19. Zouk Family Meeting
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Dear Zouk friends,

It is our pleasure to invite you to our last ZOUK-FAMILY-MEETING from 17th March to 19th of March 2023 in the beautiful city of Dresden!

You get to enjoy 5 hours of Zouk workshops, a relax workshop on Sunday at the beginning of the “Chilling Zouk Time” and a big Party on Friday and Saturday.

See you soon!
Stephan und Dana
First of all, a piece of important information…
When you register by 31st January you’ll save with early bird prices. 😉

Who are the instructors and DJs?

This edition, we are delighted to welcome Kassio and Anecia as our Zouk instructors. Kassio is a native Brazilian and an aspiring international Zouk teacher with high social qualities and you know, Anecia as the organizer of the "Essential Rhythm Zouk Festival" on New Year's Eve in Erfurt. She is a passionate dancer who gives dance courses with a lot of love and passion for the zouk scene. For more informations about the teachers, below you will find a short portrait.
We also invited a great DJ Team, consisting of DJ Baui, DJ Piter, DJ Fiddich, DJ Rõnin and DF LionX.

What is included in this event?

The Zouk Family Meeting starts at Friday evening with the welcome dinner together at “Ristorante Vecchia Napoli“, followed by the welcome Zouk workshop and the Zouk party.

On Saturday, we will start with 3 Zouk workshops with Kassio and Anecia.
If you want, join us after the workshops to an Irish Pub.
The Saturday party night starts with a Zouk workshop. Later, Dana and her dance students will present a farewell show to give you an impression of her legacy.

On Sunday at noon, we have a reservation at restaurant “Vecchia Napoli” for breakfast. After the breakfast, we meet in Dance Studio Sandana. At the workshop for muscular relaxation with Astrid, you will experience pure relaxation. Let us continue with the “Chilling Zouk Time”, with calm Zouk music, chilling atmosphere and many dances. As you may already know from the 18th ZFM, we would like it if we all arrange a small buffet on Sunday afternoon, where everyone brings some snacks for the „Chilling Zouk Time“.

What is special?
All drinks (beer, wine, juices, lemonades, cola, water, tea and coffee) are included as part of your pass for all party nights.

Here comes the summary of the event:

Friday, 17th March 2023:
18:00 – 20:30: Welcome dinner at “Ristorante Vecchia Napoli“ (Alaunstraße 33, Dresden)
20:00 – 20:30: Opening of entrance
20:30 – 21:30: Welcome workshop with Kassio and Anecia
21:30 – 3:00: Zouk party

Saturday, 18th March 2023:
12:00 – 15:30: 3h Zouk workshop with Kassio and Anecia (incl. breaks)
16:00 – 18:30: Irish Pub „Shamrock“ (Wilsdruffer Str. 20, Dresden Altstadt)
21:00 – 22:00: 1h Zouk-Workshop with Kassio and Anecia
22:00 – 4:00: Zouk Party with party theme: “Let’s celebrate a green Saint Patrick’s Day – we are looking forward to mythical creatures like moss trolls or fairies.“ ;-)

Sunday, 19th March 2023:
12:00 – 14:00: Brunch in „Eckstein“ (Alaunstraße 47, Dresden-Neustadt)
14:30: Meeting point Dance Studio Sandana
15:00: Workshop for muscular relaxation and afterward “Chilling Zouk Time” until 21:00

All workshops and parties take place in the Dance Studio Sandana: Trachenberger Platz 3, 01129 Dresden


You can choose between FULL PASS and PARTY PASS (both passes are limited).
The FullPass includes all workshops, parties, all drinks at the party and the “Chilling Zouk Time”.
The PartyPass includes all parties, all drinks at the party and the “Chilling Zouk Time”.

85 € until 31st January*
90 € until 28th February*
95 € until 13th March*

60 € until 31st January*
70 € until 28th February*
80 € until 13th March*

Please use the registration form to register for the event:

The FullPasses are almost sold out. For the remaining FullPasses, it is currently only possible to register in pairs.
There is a move up-list for single followers or leaders. If there are cancellations, those who have registered move up on the list of replacements. In this case, we will contact you via email.
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Please transfer the fee for the FullPass or PartyPass to:

Dana Winter
IBAN: DE08200411330560743700
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Dance Studio Sandana (parties & workshops):
Trachenberger Platz 3
01139 Dresden
tram 3: stop “Trachenberger Platz”

Ristorante “Vecchia Napoli” (Welcome dinner Friday)
Alaunstraße 33, Dresden
01199 Dresden
Tram 3; 6; 7; 8; 11: stop “Albertplatz”

Irish Pub „Shamrock“ (Saturday)
Alaunstraße 33
01099 Dresden
tram 1; 2; 4; 8; 9: stop “Postplatz”

Restaurant “Eckstein” (Breakfast on Sunday):
Alaunstraße 47
01099 Dresden
tram 7; 8: stop: „Louisenstraße“ or tram 13: stop „Görlitzer Straße“
Information about the dance teachers:

Anecia has been dancing Zouk and other social dances since 2014, the same year she graduated as a Registered Physiotherapist. At the beginning of 2018 she founded the "lead&follow dance school" in Erfurt, where she has been offering weekly zouk lessons in the level system ever since and has been building the Erfurt zouk scene with great commitment. She is constantly improving her zouk skills. The main teachers in recent years have been Bruno Galhardo and Raiza Previato, with whom she has taken all 3 levels of the Bric system and completed a teacher's course with a successful exam. She is also the organizer of the successful Essential Rhythm Zouk Festival.

Kassio started couple dancing 16 years ago in a public school in Manaus - Brazil, and has ever since worked his way up, training his dance and teaching methods with some of the best zouk teachers of brazil. Being a studied physical education teacher he has methods beyond the standard „steps teaching“, and with 10 years of Zouk teaching experience in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguai, Chile, Portugal, Greece and Germany, he has now helped Hamburg´s Zouk scene to multiply since his arrival.