Registration for the Zouk-Family-Meeting (Just Dance Edition)

Please complete this form to register for this event.

Attention! After receiving your registration we'll send you an e-mail with the bank account and the temporary confirmation of your pass. Please transfer the money within 7 days upon receipt of confirmation (subject: full name(s) and ZFM)! After receiving the confirmation that the payment arrived, the registration is completed. Otherwise your reservation will be expired.

Terms and Conditions:

Please note that the date of the actual receipt of payment is considered as the date of your registration! Only after we receive the payment the registration is completed.
In case of illness it is possible to transfer the Pass until 15.05.2018 to another person or to the next Zouk Family Meeting. If you transfer the pass to another person the new participant has to pay the difference to the current price level. After 15.05.2018 the pass cannot transferred onto another participant anymore, but to the next Zouk Family Meeting. From 15.05.2018 it will cost an additional administrative fee of 10€.